Monday, October 6, 2008

Shhhh.....We Have A Secret

Surprise! We're having a BABY!

So, I realize that this is a picture only a mother and father could love but one thing you can see for sure is the flicker of their heartbeat. What an amazing miracle! The sonogram above is from our first appointment at 8 weeks and then the doctor said the little Bean was already 9weeks! We are 12 weeks now and I'm counting down to when I will no longer feel nauseated, but have been informed not to hold my breath :)

We never thought that we would have a blog but when you need to tell the world that you're having a baby we decided this was a great way to share the news with our friends. We are very excited about this new little one and how God already has a plan for them.

Thanks for checking out the new blog and being a part of our lives!